Why sponsor a GitHub event

With a full focus on building the best developer experience possible, our events give you a new way to showcase your brand. We help you find the sponsorship opportunity that’s right for you, and you make connections as it comes to life.

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More than a conference

We stand by values like these to create experiences that redefine developer events—and keep our community coming back for more.

People > pitches

Our community wants to see products in action and have conversations about them, not get pitches at every turn.

Passion > consensus

Our events aim to amplify the ideas that challenge us from a wide range of people and industries, not just the most popular ones.

People > technology

Our events tell the stories of the individuals behind the tools, not just the tools themselves.

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Attendees walking and chatting
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Who you’ll reach

While we primarily design experiences for developers, people from every part of the software industry come to our events to find their next great idea. From DevOps specialists to CEOs, attendees care about collaboration, transparency, the tools that make their teams just a little more efficient—and they're waiting to hear from you.

How sponsorship works

Let’s give your brand the presence it deserves.

Select an event

We host software community events of all sizes, all over the world. Whether you want to reach developers in Canada or entrepreneurs in Australia, we’ve got you covered.

Plan an activation

From including your logo in event emails to designing your dream demo lounge, we’ll work with you to choose the event experience that fits your goals and bring it to life.

Build a following

The GitHub community attends our events to explore new tools. Sponsorship is the best way to make sure your product is part of their journey—and build connections you can count on.


Andrew Homeyer

Andrew Homeyer

Founder, Waffle.io

Most developer events are very transactional, but GitHub events aren’t at all. The aesthetic is intentional, the conversations are meaningful, and all of our customers are happy to be there.
Justine Arreche

Justine Arreche

Creative Director, Travis CI

GitHub events are more like magical productions than conferences – like Disneyland except with an octocat instead of Mickey. The GitHub Team considers every detail and makes it easy for sponsors to plug into it all. We couldn’t have been happier with the experience.
Sara Breeding

Sara Breeding

Director of Marketing, Axosoft

We know we can count on having real conversations with people at GitHub events, and that attendees aren’t just​ ​visiting booths to get free stuff. GitHub​ ​strives to build an interactive environment for both sponsors and attendees, which creates real value.